garciniaaaaBreakthroughs in the weight loss industry are a dime a dozen today. Every day new products inundate the market, supplements, medicaments and herbs of one sort or another claiming to deliver weight loss in record breaking time.

Rarely do these supplements work, and for good reason. Weight loss is quite the complex field, so much so that, for all the billions of dollars the pharmaceutical industry has injected into solving the problem, the issue of weight continues to plague the world, many a developed nation today unable to determine the best way of combating rising obesity levels.

It is hardly surprising that garcinia cambogia exploded the way it did, many a desperate individual who are seeking to lose weight turning to this particular supplement as their last hope for possible salvation against the scourge of obesity.

+What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia is the name of a highly popular weight supplement that has been pervading the internet for several years now. Enjoying a place of interest in the weight loss arena that few other medicaments could ever hope to achieve, the name garcinia cambogia also refers to a fruit.

Originating from countries in the Southern regions of Asia, this pumpkin shaped fruit has been a staple among ancient societies for several centuries now; proving particularly popular to the people of these Asian communities because of the medical attributes it brought to the table, this including the positive impact it can have on the digestive system, it is only relatively recently that modern science came to learn of garcinia cambogia and the miraculous effects it can have on body weight.

what is garcinia

+Garcinia Cambogia: Origins

The origins of garcinia cambogia as the popular weight loss supplements it is known as today can be traced back to one Doctor Julie Chen. Despite the important role garcinia cambogia played among the various tribes of ancient Asia, it wasn’t until this health and wellness doctor injected the fruit into her weight loss study, observing the powerful effects it initiated in the body with regards to the elimination of unhealthy fat, that garcinia cambogia finally found a market in modern society.

+Garcinia Cambogia: Popularity

Doctor Julie Chen might have technically discovered garcinia cambogia, bringing its powerful capabilities to the shores of Western Society, but the responsibility for the meteoric rise in popularity that the fruit experienced should be laid at the feet of Doctor OZ.

A highly popular television personality, it wasn’t until Doctor Oz not only explored the capabilities of the fruit on his Television show but recommended it as a truly miraculous solution to the weight loss problem that garcinia cambogia found its market, achieving such popularity over a short period of time that demand for the fruit quickly exceeded supply, this resulting in the various low-quality versions of the supplement prevalent on the internet today.

+Garcinia Cambogia: How does it work?

While there are benefits that can be enjoyed from eating garcinia cambogia in its natural state, the true strength of the fruit manifests when it is consumed as a supplement. The garcinia cambogia supplement is created using an extract from the rind of garcinia cambogia, the key to its weight loss capabilities traced to the high concentration of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) found in the fruit.

The fact that HCA can have such tremendous impact on the human body is hardly a surprise; in fact the pharmaceutical industry has known about the powerful effects of HCA on body fat for several decades now; the relative absence of HCA on the weight loss scene for so many years emanated from the fact that HCA was so expensive to acquire in amounts noteworthy enough to utilize in weight loss supplements that it was proven unviable as an effective solution to the obesity problem.

As such it is hardly surprising that the pharmaceutical industry has embraced garcinia cambogia with such vigor, the fruit providing easy access to HCA in amounts large enough for use in the creation of weight loss supplements.

The HCA in garcinia cambogia will attack the obesity problem in the most comprehensive manner; the results delivered emanating from the three primary operations the supplement executes in the body, namely:

-Appetite suppression

HCA is a powerful appetite suppressant, allowing individuals to lose weight almost effortlessly by empowering them to control the number of calories they consume on a regular basis.

-Fat Blocking

Most weight loss supplements are designed to flush the body free of unnecessary fat reserves. HCA takes things a step further and prevents the formation of fat cells in the first place. It achieves this goal by inhibiting the operations of citrate lyase. An enzyme responsible for translating carbohydrates and glucose into fat and energy, by inhibiting the activities of citrate lyase, HCA not only prevents the creation of additional fat cells but it provides the body access to energy (citrate lyase is compelled to convert excess carbohydrates and sugars into energy instead of storing it as fat).

-Prevention of Emotional Eating

A considerable portion of the obesity cases around the world originate from psychological complications; the impulse to consume foods, and in larger amounts that what might be considered safe, can prove stronger than most people can fight during times of hardship.

HCA will bring about an increase in the production of serotonin; a chemical in the brain responsible for moderating mood, by increasing serotonin production, HCA can alleviate stress, combat mild depression and even improve moods, in the process fighting emotional eating and the resulting weight related issues

Along with controlling cholesterol levels, HCA attacks the weight loss problem from all sides: fighting hunger cravings, preventing fat formation even while combating emotional eating. It is a weight loss supplement like none other.

+Side Effects

The popularity of garcinia cambogia can be imputed, not only to its ability to deliver weight loss in a timely manner without requiring the overweight and the obese to contribute to the weight loss process in anyway, but the fact that garcinia cambogia is a completely natural supplement.

This means that garcinia cambogia use doesn’t attract any dangerous side effects to one’s health. However, this sort of assurance is only applicable to individuals using genuine HCA products. There are numerous shady garcinia cambogia supplements being sold on the internet, many of which do not even contain any garcinia cambogia.

And those products that do contain garcinia cambogia in the right amounts have been known to feature chemical additives that might cause negative health reactions. It is for this reason that one is encouraged to properly scrutinize the ingredients of their chosen garcinia cambogia product before exposing themselves to unexpected yet dangerous side effects.